Pomeroy Living is a vibrant community of people, services and environments all centered around respecting the unique needs and choices of seniors as they age. We celebrate the individuality of our clients, recognizing that the best care is that which treats the mind and spirit along with the body.

Our History

Our History

Pomeroy Living was born from the genuine premise and firm belief that aging with dignity should be the norm. Founded in 1980 by Keith Pomeroy, Pomeroy Living harnessed Keith’s real estate acumen and keen understanding of the hospitality industry to create a winning formula unseen at that time. The vision was simple: Combine the best in quality care and hospitality across the full spectrum of senior housing needs within a campus setting.

Collectively over the past three decades Pomeroy Living has continued to elevate the standard for senior living through innovation. Today, Pomeroy Living offers a range of specialized care in world-class communities that are characterized by modern design and knowledgeable and comprehensive clinical teams.

Keith J. Pomeroy - Leadership

Keith J. Pomeroy

Chairman - Pomeroy Living and Pomeroy Family Holdings
Nicolas W. Peraino - Leadership

Nicolas W. Peraino

President and Chief Executive Officer - Pomeroy Living and Pomeroy Family Holdings
Manda M. Ayoub - Leadership

Manda M. Ayoub

Chief Operating Officer - Pomeroy Living
Hazel V. Medina - Leadership

Hazel V. Medina

Director of Clinical Services - Pomeroy Living
C Golemba

Christina Golemba

Director of Human Resources - Pomeroy Living
Teri Robinson

Teri Robinson

Director of Business Development - Pomeroy Living