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Senior Living Guide for Married Couples

By Manda Ayoub / May 24, 2022

Making the decision to move into a senior living community can be daunting for anyone. Married couples have an extra set of concerns to think about. This guide for married couples is designed to help couples understand the changes that come with aging. Read ahead and ponder the true meaning of growing old together. The…

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Pomeroy Living COO Manda Ayoub on Surviving COVID with Help from HealthCap Risk Management

By Manda Ayoub / May 10, 2022

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Signs of Dementia in Elderly Loved Ones

By Manda Ayoub / April 26, 2022

How you support your loved ones matters. And no one knows your elderly loved ones better than you do. Their traits, hobbies, and personalities are already engraved in your mind. So, whenever something odd happens, there is a good chance you will spot it. Aging affects the mind. The older we get, the harder it…

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The Most Important Activities of Daily Living for Independent Living

By Manda Ayoub / April 12, 2022

I love this blog article on ADL’s, Assistance of Daily Living – that term is an industry term, and a lot of folks don’t understand it. Plus, when they have Long Term Care Insurance or Veteran’s Benefits, there policies talk about “ADL’s” and they don’t understand what that means. We want to make sure we…

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Tips for Communicating with Elderly Parents Who Refuse Care

By Manda Ayoub / March 15, 2022

It is all too common for adult children to face the difficult decision of communicating the need for elder care with their aging parents. Parents, at this age, can be persistent about not needing care and wanting to continue their current lifestyle, no matter how dangerous or detrimental it is for their health. If you’re…

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Coping with Memory Care: Finding Peace for Caregivers

By Manda Ayoub / February 15, 2022

This article couldn’t be more timely for what is happening to families during the pandemic. We are hearing from our inquiries that caregiver burnout is happening at an all-time high. Families are struggling with their own work, life balance with working from home, change in what school may look like for their kids and caring…

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Speaking To Your Parents About Senior Living

By Manda Ayoub / January 10, 2022

Tracy Martin Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing at Pomeroy Living We find that many adult children avoid having a conversation with their parents when the see a change in behavior and mood in their loved one. This article points out how to approach a conversation with your parents which is great. But I want…

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Retirement Communities: Your Complete Guide

By Manda Ayoub / December 13, 2021

Entertainment. Warmth. Kindness. Laughter. Friendship. Are these the first things that come to mind when you picture a retirement community? That’s how it should be. Retirement communities designed for senior living are comfortable places where seniors can sit back and relax. Here, you can take a quick look at how options such as these can…

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Senior Rehabilitation-A Better Choice After Hospitalization

By Manda Ayoub / November 29, 2021

At Pomeroy Rehabilitation we offer therapy gyms with state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and programs each calibrated to a holistic recovery goal for each client. Each program is designed to bring both the body and mind back into alignment. This includes Positive and relaxed state of mind enhances capacity for recovery Faster recovery period Better outcomes with…

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Ultimate Checklist for Choosing an Assisted Living Community

By Manda Ayoub / October 15, 2021

Finding an ideal assisted living community for your senior loved one can be an overwhelming task, given the wide variety of facilities available. And while the suitability of a community varies from one individual to the other, there are certain must-haves in a senior living residence. Here’s our assisted living residence checklist. 1. Qualified Caregivers…

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