Care Options

Throughout our lifetimes, things happen to us that suddenly or gradually take away our lifestyles as we knew them. Plans get put on hold, loved ones are inconvenienced, and our only thoughts are how we can get back to our old lives again. Whether it’s a broken hip from a fall, a stroke, or a chronic illness, all knock us off balance and we need medical professional help.

At Pomeroy we take the position of expecting recovery, not decline. Starting off with this attitude helps us to operate our programs in a more positive way that improves the chance for recovery.

Of course we recognize that, even with the best of hopes and intentions, some people are headed for more hands-on care options. But by taking the time to include our clients and their loved ones during every step of our evaluation, even the tough decisions can be made with the satisfaction that all care options have been considered, with the individual always at the center.

Available care options are: