Throughout our lifetimes, things happen to us that suddenly or gradually take away our lifestyles as we knew them. Plans get put on hold, loved ones are inconvenienced, and our only thoughts are how we can get back to our old lives again. Whether it’s a broken hip from a fall, a stroke, or a chronic illness, all knock us off balance and we need medical professional help.

At Pomeroy we take the position of expecting recovery, not decline. Starting off with this attitude helps us to operate our programs in a more positive way that improves the chance for recovery.

Of course we recognize that, even with the best of hopes and intentions, some people are headed for more hands-on care options. But by taking the time to include our clients and their loved ones during every step of our evaluation, even the tough decisions can be made with the satisfaction that all care options have been considered, with the individual always at the center.

Respite Care

If you are a caregiver you understand the need to regularly schedule some serious down time for yourself, away from all the cares and daily concerns that engulf your world. Many people, however, don’t schedule that down time. Frankly, the task of finding quality respite care for their loved one while they’re gone can be…

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Memory Care

Our memory care residents benefit from more structured social activities and crafts designed to stimulate and keep the mind fresh and slow the progress of dementia and other conditions affecting memory and cognition. Seniors who regularly experience forgetfulness and confusion due to dementia or Alzheimer’s will eventually require 24-hour specialized care in a safe environment.…

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Assisted Living

Pomeroy Living believes in giving residents the opportunity to live in comfort and be engaged in their daily activities, secure in the knowledge that our staff is there to support and care for them. Our Assisted Living program is designed to encourage our residents to enjoy life, without having to worry about burdensome chores. This…

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Independent Living

Pomeroy Living Orion Independent Living and Rochester Independent Living At Pomeroy Living Orion and Pomeroy Living Rochester we believe that Independent Living is much more than a maintenance-free lifestyle and not having to worry about cooking and cleaning, but a way of life that is both rewarding and fulfilling.  Our residents benefit from generous personal…

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Long-Term Care – Skilled Nursing

Long-Term Care – Pomeroy Living At Pomeroy we love the way our clients and their families respond when we talk about building long-term relationships with them.  It is such a different way of caring from what they expect and we’re more than happy to provide that difference. We start by getting to know you and…

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Short-Term Rehabilitation and Recovery

Short-Term Rehabilitation & Recovery At Pomeroy Living we view transitional care as just that…transitional.  What can we do to get you back into your world again? The answer to that question depends on a lot of variables. It means matching the medical and emotional care we provide to your lifestyle, not someone else’s. A stay…

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Outpatient Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Pomeroy Rehabilitation offers therapy gyms with state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and programs each calibrated to a holistic recovery goal for each client. Each program is designed to bring both the body and mind back into alignment. This includes Positive and relaxed state of mind enhances capacity for recovery Faster recovery period Better outcomes with lasting…

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